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Big Spring Prayer List - July 15, 2018
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Prayer Requests
Staff &
BSBC Ministries; Pastor Daniel & Stephanie Malone, Tom Wickes, Minister of Music, Deacons, Church Family, Sunday School Leaders, Crisis Closet Ministry, Kid Connection, Teen Connection, Missionaries, American & National Leaders, Military, Vision Team

Church Family Requests
Darrell Hall

Church Family w/Continuing Health Problems
Lewis Allen, Pauline Johnson, Johnny Ogle, Rhonda Collins, Jo Wills, Margaret Bonner, Carmen Orr, Virginia Chism, Brenda Moore, Johnny Willis, Mart Epperson, Lindsey Mowery, Joyce Headrick, Gwendola Wilson

Other Prayer Requests
The homeless
Shauna Freeman (The Pendley’s granddaughter) – cancer
Randy & Reba Dunlap (Jerry Dunlap’s brother) –cancer
Nita Williams (Patsy Dunlap’s sister)
Ron & Beth Close (Liz Robinson’s cousins)
Ken Hall (Darrell Hall’s brother) – throat cancer
Randy Bain
Maddie McDonald
John Pendley (Diane Pendley’s husband)
Brian Stamey – in rehab
Susan – family
Everett Hensley- Health issues
Jackie & children
Vianca and Yasmin Willis- Health and family issues
Johnny – his son Jason
Adam Kline – health issues
Mary Wooden – grandbaby doing well
Roy Bain – in hospital
Dustin, Brian & Cory & families
Wayne Chastain – cancer test
Florence – eye problems
Jackie – health
Ruth – health

Jo Baker
Ada Dixon
Dean Ellis
Joyce McCamish
Wilma McConnell
Johnny Ogle
Carmen Orr
Virginia Chism
Ralph & Gwendola Wilson

Hazel Arp – Bradley Health & Rehab Center, Room 127A
Margaret Bonner – Signature Health Care of Cleveland, Room 403A
Jo Wills – Morningside of Cleveland, Room 130

Please Note: Names in the “Other Prayer Requests” section will remain three weeks unless notified to leave on the list.

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