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Big Spring Prayer List - December 10, 2017
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Prayer Requests
Staff &
BSBC Ministries; Pastor Daniel & Stephanie Malone, Tom Wickes, Minister of Music, Deacons, Church Family, Sunday School Leaders, Crisis Closet Ministry, Kid Connection, Teen Connection, Missionaries, American & National Leaders, Military

Church Family Requests
Dorothy Epperson

Church Family w/Continuing Health Problems
Lewis & Mary Allen, Jack Bennett, Pauline Johnson, Joe McClanahan, Johnny Ogle, Rhonda Collins, Jo Wills, Margaret Bonner, Carmen Orr, Virginia Chism, Brenda Moore, Johnny Willis, Mart & Dot Epperson, Lindsey Mowery, Joyce Headrick

Other Prayer Requests
The homeless
Shauna Freeman (The Pendley’s granddaughter) – cancer
Randy & Reba Dunlap (Jerry Dunlap’s brother) –cancer
Libby Johnson (friend of Virginia Chism) – serious cancer
Buck Cook (Patsy Dunlap’s uncle) – cancer
Nita Williams (Patsy Dunlap’s sister)
Ron & Beth Close (Liz Robinson’s cousins)
Ken Hall (Darrell Hall’s brother) – throat cancer
Sierra Underwood - cancer
Brandon Lee – joined the military
Randy Bain
Terry Pendergrass (Candice Higdon’s uncle) – health issues
Barbara Flowers
Yvonne Barone
Joyce Willis
The Family of Alex Pyatak (our Church custodian)
Kennadi Weaver – infant with several health issues
Devin Harris
Ralph Davis (Jimmy Davis’ dad)

Jo Baker
Jack Bennett
Ada Dixon
Dean Ellis
Joyce McCamish
Joe & Martha McClanahan
Wilma McConnell
Johnny Ogle
Carmen Orr

Hazel Arp – Bradley Health & Rehab Center, Room 127A
Margaret Bonner – Signature Health Care of Cleveland, Room 403A
Jo Wills – Morningside of Cleveland, Room 114

Please Note: Names in the “Other Prayer Requests” section will remain three weeks unless notified to leave on the list.

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