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Service Opportunities at Big Spring Baptist Church
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Looking for a way to serve at Big Spring? There's countless ministry opportunities.
Contact a ministry leader or staff member for more information.

Greeters & Ushers Gene Hysinger
Greeters welcome people as they enter and leave the church, seat people at the proper time and provide bulletins and or other materials. They are also attentive to the needs of the congregation and the pastor. Ushers take up the offering during the services.

Worship Media - Audio Greg Epperson
David Robinson
This group enhance the worship services by perparing and operating the audio equipment during the services and choir rehearsals.

Worship Media - Visuals / Powerpoint Marc DeRoche
Working in coordination with the audio team, this group prepare and operates the equipment for presenting the worship projection visuals.

Sunday School Marc DeRoche
A variety of classes are available to accommodate the youngest to the oldest. They provide an opportunity for small group study of God’s Word and a source of encouragement and support as the members grow in Christ.

Security Chip Bryant
This committee insures the safety of the church property, parking lot and vehicles during the services. Volunteers work on a rotating process.

Crisis Ministry \
These volunteers help distribute clothing and food to those in need every Tuesday morning.

Host & Hostess Jeri Brinkman
These volunteers are responsible for the organization of all church-wide fellowships.

Nursery Liz Robinson
These volunteers provide a safe and loving environment for young children with Biblical instruction at the appropriate level.

Homebound Ministry  
These volunteers provide monthly visits to all members who are unable to attend services due to health reasons.

Bereavement Ministry  
This group furnishes one meal for the family in case of death of a church member or immediate family member.

Skating Ministry Chip Bryant
This ministry is open every Wednesday to any child wishing to skate in the gym. Devotionals, refreshments, and games are also provided in a secure and loving environment.

Baptismal Committee Diane Farmer
This committee assists candidates and the pastor in preparation for baptismal services.

Shower Committee Rita Ross
Brenda Hannah
This committee plans and prepares wedding and baby showers for members of the church.

Buildings & Grounds Committee Johnny Baker
Men’s Ministry  
This ministry is involved in the spiritual needs of men, supporting missions and fellowship.

Lady’s Ministry  
This ministry includes Biblically based activities and the discovery of God-given gifts through fellowship and friendship.

Ocoee Outreach Randy Bonner
This organization is part of the Bradley Baptist Association. They provide area-wide house-repair for the needy.

Music Ministry Tom Wickes
This ministry provides music in the church and community through various levels of choirs including the Cherub Choir, Children’s Choir, and Adult Choir.

Youth Ministry Terri DeRoche
This group plans and implements activities to enhance their love for our Lord, their love for each other and their concern for the lost.

Vacation Bible School Joyce Russ
Each summer for one week our church presents this structured and Biblically-based learning program for all children and adults to enhance their understanding of God’s Word though a variety of exciting activities.

World Changers Don Cartwright
Every summer for one week this group carries the Good News to a city in the United States (our Jerusalem) through repairing homes for the needy. This opportunity is open to all youth and adults.


Children’s Church  
The purpose of Children’s Church is to provide children age four though second grade a worship experience on their age level so they can participate in worshiping our Lord and Savior.

Media Center / Library Joan Noelck
This is the resource center for the church. They provide and promote the use of the available printed and audio-visual resources.

Publicity, Advertising & Web Jerry Shannon
Handles church media relations, public announcements, website and advertising.
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