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Hearing consulting, evaluations and solutions by Tom Reese, HIS.

You Should Hear What You’re Missing.

  • Make understanding less stressful and exhausting.
  • Reduce frustration from simply trying to understand what is being said.
  • Stop annoying others by repeatedly asking “what?”.
  • Get more enjoyment from the children in your life.
  • End the isolation in social situations.
  • Avoid embarrassment from misunderstandings.

Today’s hearing aids are smaller, more comfortable and more effective than ever. You owe it to yourself to have your hearing checked and find out just what you might be missing.

Why Hearing Solutions?

“We are service focused! I personally guarantee Hearing Solutions will make your hearing health our only priority. I will apply my 30+ years of problem solving experience as an engineer and hearing professional to finding the ideal hearing solution for you.

Our services are second to none. Need your hearing checked? Your current hearing aids serviced? Need a second opinion? Looking for the latest hearing aid technology? We have the products, expertise, skills and desire to be your hearing solution.”
- Tom Reese, Owner & HIS


It's a new beginning for better hearing in Cleveland! Hear the difference for yourself. We're located in the Oakwood Center on 25th Street, (near Cupcake Diva's).

  • Free Hearing Screening & Assessment
  • Free hearing aid consultation & demonstration
  • Free in-office repairs on all makes and models


At Hearing Solutions we have decades of experience in hearing health care. We are locally owned and operated. Our service is second to none when it comes to quality and care of your hearing. Whether you just need to have your hearing checked or are looking for the latest and greatest hearing aids, we have the technology, knowledge and expertise to help you hear better.

Locally owned by Tom Reese, HIS.        

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Recent ribbion cutting at the Grand Re-Opening of Hearing Solutions in Cleveland, TN.

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Questions about hearing aid and hearing loss?
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Hearing Solutions
(formerly Crystal Clear Hearing & Audiology)
60 25th Street NW, Suite 5
Cleveland, Tennessee 37312
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