Creative Caring® is an exchange platform to match researchers needs for underfunded diseases with companies having untapped resources to achieve key breakthroughs and medical moonshots.

Creative Caring® serves as an intermediary organization that connects researchers to the equipment, technology and talent they need to progress in underfunded disease and design research initiatives.


It’s a Paradigm Shift in Funding

  • Medical researchers now will have access to untapped resources.
  • Discovery of underfunded disease treatments may be possible.



Let’s Connect...


  • Underfunding of complex and rare/orphan disease research exists.
  • Talent and resources are scarce or not



  • Researchers and practitioners.
  • Biotech Start-ups
  • Patient advocacy groups.
  • Patients.



  • Millions waiting for a disease cure or just symptom relief.
  • Treatments and cures are severely delayed
    or may never occur.

A researcher needs an iPhone app to track
patient symptoms. Pharma provides an already-developed iPhone app
  A researcher needs access to data analysis and Artificial Intelligence (AI)resources. Technology company provides data center and AI resources   A researcher needs another approach to investigate an underfunded disease. Ideation firms offer ideation talent to look at the disease differently.

Helping You Help Others.